Huber Präzisionsmechanik

Huber Torque Limiters

Huber Rutschkupplungen

Automatic torque switching torque limiting clutch

- Torque transmission in both directions
- Wear resistant
- Easy torque adjustement and assembly

Torque Limiters protect machines whose drives consist of sprockets, gear wheels or pulleys from damage caused by overload.

The couplings are robust, easily adjustable and easy to assemble. They transmit torques in both directions of rotation.

If the slipping torque set using an adjusting nut is exceeded, the clutch slips and thus limits the torque. The organic friction linings are wear-resistant, work dry and create a force fitting connection between the driving and output elements.

The desired torque is set with an adjusting nut by tightening the disc springs. These disc springs can be layered one or more times (see disc spring layering). This results in a relatively precise torque setting between seven and 100 percent of the maximum torque.

The width of the slide ring must be adapted to the transmission elements.
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