Huber Präzisionsmechanik

Huber Minitiature Couplings

Huber Miniaturkupplungen

Extremely small dimensions made of aluminum

• External torsional stiffness
• High compliance
• High speeds

The Huber miniature couplings can transmit torques from 0.09 Nm to 36.2 Nm depending on the size.

There are different versions: single and double flexible couplings. The basic material of the couplings is aluminium and the flexible disk pack is connected by rivets to the individual components (hub, center piece or center ring).

Advantages of miniature couplings:

  • low dead weight and lightweight construction
  • torsionally stiff, but flexible
  • compensates axial and angular misalignments, with 2 disk packs also radial misalignments
  • available from stock within a few days
Special couplings according to customer requirements possible: e.g. with POM center piece for electrical insulation.
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